Copilot in change

I see myself as a creative steering partner, opening a path to progress in a complex world.

Through careful listening, I develop personalised plans and practices to integrate into your daily life, enabling immediate change and development that continues long after the coaching ends.

It is a shared process of discovery, experimenting and new perspectives, one which doesn’t differentiate between life, executive or career coaching — I coach the person, not the topic.

How it works

I practice the Integral Coaching methodology, a transformational approach that includes and considers all the unique aspects of a person’s life and the environment that they live in.

It draws on fields as diverse as cognitive science, adult development, philosophy and biology, and its in-depth assessment models result in individual, precise and efficient coaching plans.

To this, I add a wealth of professional and life experiences, lessons from engagement with my own learning and development, and a deep curiosity across a wide range of topics.

This means freshness, creativity and plenty of innovative input!

I’ve previously copiloted with…

Clients with a huge variety of cultural backgrounds, languages and life visions.

At work, they are entrepreneurs, managers, teachers and freelancers.
At home, they are single, wives, fathers, expectant mothers and best friends.

We speak English, French, German and Spanish; face-to-face or remotely via Skype.
We’ve focussed on topics like..

  • Personal development, transitions and uncovering next steps.
  • Authentic leadership, intercultural communication and business expansion.
  • Daily efficiency and life/work balance.
  • Improving relationships and crisis/stress management

Getting Started

Get in touch for a free 30-minute consultation on how we can work together!