I am not good enough

Do you think so?
Who think so?
Yourself? Someone else? The others?
About yourself? About themselves? About others?

Are you familiar with this litte voice ?
this persistent voice, this inner voice,
the voice who knows you so well,
who comes unexpectedly,
who takes you by surprise ?

Who’s this voice actually?
Memories of childhood? Parent’s voice?
Caretaker’s voice?

Stop it, stop that voice,
whose purpose is to make you believe it,
whose purpose is to make you feel small,
or that you are the problem, or even that
You are not good enough

Stop it,
don’t get involved into it
don’t believe it,
block it,
Start rewriting the messages of the inner voice,
from ‘I am not good enough’
‘I have done my best in this given situation’
begins to become true,
to you, to your deepest Self.

What else is this voice telling you?
challenge it; don’t take it for the ultimate truth,
get into your feelings and sensations,
to get different facets of the story

Starting noticing this little voice,
starting stopping it, starting challenging it,
is starting becoming free,
free to be yourself, fully, entirely, as you are

Why not starting right now?


Fabienne Cuisinier

Published by MyMaha