Start Where You Are

Start Where You Are

Start where you are
Where are you in your life?
Who are you in your every day’s life?
What do you stand for?

What make you smile, feel happy?
What gives you energy?
What warm your hearth?
What are you looking up?

How connected are you
To yourself?
To your surroundings?
To the people around you?

Can you hear the birds singing?
Can you see the sun rising?
Can you feel the aircon blowing on your skin?
Can you taste the spices of the lahksa?

What are you longing for?
What are you dreaming of?
Anything you know you have to change in your life?
Anything makes you feel uncomfortable?

Start where you are
From that place
You can make the change
You want for yourself in your life

Start with yourself
What it is that you can change today
In your thinking, behaviors,
Expectations and standards

More than change
An inner transformation is around the corner
To bring you
From where you are
To where you want to be


Fabienne Cuisinier