About Me


Born and raised in France, I’ve since found myself ‘at home’ in Germany, Argentina, the USA, Hong Kong, Singapore, and, since 2015, in Berlin. My MBA led me to experiences in business development, sales & marketing, SMEs, startups and my own solar energy consultancy company in Singapore. Endlessly curious about the world, I have visited 50+ countries and speak French, German, English and Spanish fluently.

How coaching changed my life

In 2012, I rediscovered the joy of learning in a very different way — the integral way. Experiencing rising stress, a lack of concentration, exhaustion, burnout and chronic illnesses, I began a learning journey in the fields of conscious and natural living, adult development, and body-mind connection. This journey was truly life-changing and also led to the following:

  • Certified Integral Coach® certification with New Ventures West after a rigorous, one-year professional course in developmental and methodological coaching
  • Certification training in Leadership Embodiment
  • In-depth training in the use of the Enneagram framework
  • Training in mindfulness at work, vipassana meditation, nutripuncture and use of essential oils
  • Certified Action Learning Group Coach certification with WIAL
  • Associate Certified Coach cert. with International Coaching Federation (300+ coaching hours)

More about me 

I enjoy yoga, swimming, singing, walking in nature, challenges, cooking for friends and family, skiing and diving, as well as creative pursuits like writing poetry (see my first book and exhibition), ManekiNeko and helping accelerate solar energy uptake as a PV consultant .
I also love to share — click here for some of my favourite learning resources!