One morning
It seems
That life’s events
Are pressurising
That too many topics are on the table
That too many balls are being thrown in the air

One day
It seems
That it is simply too much
With a yearning to a peaceful day
Without any to do list

Some moments in life
Are remembering us
That we need
To rest in the moment
That we need our space and pace
To come back to us
And rest

Some days
We can decide
We can make our choices
On what’s important to us
And set our priorities

One day
We start saying No
To what is no longer good or useful to us
And our wellbeing

One morning
We wake up
With clarity
On what’s important in the moment

I have chosen
Writing this poem
And not get pressurized by the overwhelming feeling
Of all things which I need to do
I feel happy about my choice
I feel fulfilled about those lines

What do you choose for yourself?


Fabienne Cuisinier